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Instruments Explained - Part 1
Instruments Explained - Part 1
Richard "Ace" Ayers

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  1. DC 3 Airspeed Chart
    05 May, 2017
    DC 3 Airspeed Chart
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  2. Cloud Types
    01 May, 2017
    Cloud Types
    Cumulus: Storms brewing. Cumulonimbus: ( Cbs ) Thunderheads as high as 30,000 feet, vertical winds, lightning, hail and heavy rain. Killer tornados, with updrafts and downdrafts that can tear an aircraft apart. Altocumulus: Medium altitudes and looks like cumulus. Brewing storms. Cirrocumulus: Small high altitude clouds that predicts stormy weather to come. Cirrus: High altitude clouds with ice crystals called mare's tails or feathers. They are carried by strong upper winds ( tops of
  3. Autopilot Safety
    13 Mar, 2017
    Autopilot Safety
    Auto pilot the silent killer Around the first of the month of March 2017. I was flying a DC 3 from Yellowknife ( CYZF) to Rankin Inlet ( CYRT) in the North West Territories, to deliver fuel for generators, and to run mining equipment, at a mining operation north of Ranklin. I was to make several runs to a frozen lake north of Ranklin but I have to get there quickly because the runway was on a lake that was thawing out this time of year. I filed a flight plan from ( CYZF) to ( CYRT) and called
  4. Tip of the week
    01 Mar, 2017
    Tip of the week
    Emergency start on the Cessna 172 SP