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Advice from a lifelong PC Technician
Advice from a lifelong PC Technician
Dennis Ayers

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  1. DC 3 Airspeed Chart
    05 May, 2017
    DC 3 Airspeed Chart
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  2. Cloud Types
    01 May, 2017
    Cloud Types
    Cumulus: Storms brewing. Cumulonimbus: ( Cbs ) Thunderheads as high as 30,000 feet, vertical winds, lightning, hail and heavy rain. Killer tornados, with updrafts and downdrafts that can tear an aircraft apart. Altocumulus: Medium altitudes and looks like cumulus. Brewing storms. Cirrocumulus: Small high altitude clouds that predicts stormy weather to come. Cirrus: High altitude clouds with ice crystals called mare's tails or feathers. They are carried by strong upper winds ( tops of
  3. Instruments Explained - Part 1
    19 Mar, 2017
    Instruments Explained - Part 1
    1. Airspeed Indicator: Operates by air ram pressure feed into pitot tube. There is a drain hole in the back of the tube to drain water.The airspeed Indicator has different color arcs for Rotation Speed, Flap Speeds (Extension)&(Retraction) Climb Speed, and Never Exceed Speed. There is also a static air port on the side of the plane out off the direct flow of air. Pressure does not effect the static port but temperature does. The airspeed indicator will register less true at higher altitudes
  4. Autopilot Safety
    13 Mar, 2017
    Autopilot Safety
    Auto pilot the silent killer Around the first of the month of March 2017. I was flying a DC 3 from Yellowknife ( CYZF) to Rankin Inlet ( CYRT) in the North West Territories, to deliver fuel for generators, and to run mining equipment, at a mining operation north of Ranklin. I was to make several runs to a frozen lake north of Ranklin but I have to get there quickly because the runway was on a lake that was thawing out this time of year. I filed a flight plan from ( CYZF) to ( CYRT) and called