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This website will be going through massive change.

I have sadly decided not to be a part of Star Citizen because I do not feel they will be capable of running a Triple A game. The technology and hardware need to catch up. I believe Chris Roberts has tried and continues to try and make this game a reality but I do not feel it is possible with current technological constraints.

In my humble opinion ...The only feasible option to make it work properly is to have a fiber Local Area Network (LAN) or Fiber Internet capable of 800 to 1000GB per second speed and an internal fiber Server to pull off this game in PTU mode.

Now it may be possible for Offline gameplay to work but that is defeating the whole idea and purpose of the game right? To have a live universe playground. It would be taxing just to make a standard Hard-drive keep up to gaming standards. But you could go SSD (Solid State Drive) and even the new Optane Memory offered by Intel. You may also need a newer i7 CPU and say a 970 GTX videocard or better. Yeah that may just work! BUT it will not be a Persistent Live Universe!

                        So, I have asked for my money back and we will see what their response is and I will go from there!

Please be patient during re-construction of the website.

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​​I am  a "Born Again" Christian and love my Savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to hearing from you.
​Even better I look forward to exploring the verse with you! 
Daily Bread
To be at our best requires that we eat the right foods for great mental and physical development.

We also need to feed our spiritual side ... (our souls) and the way
to do that is to read the Bible.

Daily Bread is a very short devotional to get the day started right
They even do all the reading ... all ya gotta do is listen
Now come on that is awesome!
Our Daily Bread
Life Questions
We all ask them... 
Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do in life?
What happens when I die?
Where will I go?
What will I become?

The Bible has answers to ALL of your life questions and helps you grow and become the awesome person that God intended you to become. The Bible is our life instruction manual.  Want a life full of purpose and real happiness?
Got Questions?

What does "Born Again Christian" mean?

Born Again
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